Medium-Term Management Plan from FY03/24 to FY03/26
For details, please see the following documents.

Basic policy


United Innovation Value Co-Creation and Beyond

Pursue Growth

Contribute solutions to social issues through co-creation


Continue growth and overseas expansion in E-Comic and Health IT

Continue evolution into a services-oriented business

Focus resources in growth areas

Build a Strong



Strengthen human capital

  • Foster human capital capable of business creation and development
  • Strengthen competitiveness through AI and data
  • Optimize assignments of human capital according to skills, experience, and career aspirations
  • Improve engagement of human capital across the group

Value Co-Creation -An Ideal Infocom-



Performace goals

(Unit:Billion yen, %)
Net sales 70.3 84.4 100.0
EBITDA ※ 9.5 11.0 15.0
ROE 8.0% 14.1% 15.0% or higher

* EBITDA=Operating income + depreciation and amortization
   ROE = Current year net income ÷ shareholders’ equity

Continue Evolution Into a Services-Oriented Business

Strategies in Key Businesses


Health IT

Sustainability Materialities

Strengthen Human Capital

Resource Investments and Shareholder Return Policies

Prioritize growth investments in priority businesses and provide appropriate shareholder returns conditioned on a secure and stable financial base


Financial Soundness

  • Ensure financial soundness based on business characteristics and risks, as well as appropriate financial leverage and investment for growth


Growth Investment

  • Investments to maintain and accelerate growth, focusing on key businesses
  • M&A investment: 30 billion yen set aside for strategic investment
  • Capital investment: 4.1 billion yen over 3 years
  • R&D investment: 600 million yen over 3 years, concentrating on applicable technologies (e.g., AI and IoT)


Shareholder Returns

  • In addition to stable dividends, we will strive to increase dividends in line with improved business performance, aiming to maintain a dividend payout ratio of 30%