Medium-Term Management Plan from FY03/21 to FY03/23
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Medium-Term Management Plan

Basic policy


United Innovation Value Co-Creation

1.Pursue growth

  • Pursue growth driven by e-comic and Health IT businesses
  • Evolve into a services-oriented business
  • Pursue co-creation (M&A, overseas growth)


2.Continue to build a strong foundation to support growth

  • Foster value creation skills in our employees
  • Advance through AI and data
  • Improve quality management
  • Encourage work-style reform


Value Co-Creation -An Ideal Infocom-



Growth Strategies


1. Persue growth


●  Sustained growth in core businesses


   Secure a solid position as an e-comics brand

 Heath IT

   Launch new services in the nursing care and health fields


●  Evolve into a services-oriented business

 ・Increase services sales to 80% and overof total sales


●  M&A activities

 ・Set a strategic investment budget of ¥30 billion

Evolve Into a Services-Oriented Business

Growth Driver Strategies


Health IT

Resource Investments and Shareholder Return Policies

Give weight to growth investment in priority businesses and offer appropriate shareholder returns, assuming we have secured a stable financial foundation


Financial Soundness

  • Secure financial soundness based on the characteristics of business and risk, while at the same time using appropriate financial leverage and engaging in growth investment


Growth Investment

  • Invest to maintain and accelerate growth, mainly in priority businesses
  • M&A Investment: Established ¥30 billion budget for strategic investment


Shareholder Returns

  • In addition to stable dividends, strive to increase dividends linked to performance; aim to maintain a 30% payout ratio

Performace goals

(Unit:Billion yen, %)
Net sales 58.3 68.0 64.5 70.0 85.0~115.0
EBITDA ※ 9.3 12.1 11.4 11.8 13.0~16.0
ROE (%) 16.2 16.2 16.1 15.2 15.0 and over

※ EBITDA=Operating income + depreciation and amortization

Our Value Creation Story