Beginning in fiscal 2023, we began operating under a new medium-term management plan with the slogan, United Innovation: Value Co-Creation and Beyond. Under this plan, we will pursue further growth in E-Comic and Health IT as priority businesses. At the same time, we intend to identify materialities toward creating sustainable societies and social value through our businesses.


The global outbreak of COVID-19 triggered widespread use of telework and online conferencing. This in turn changed lifestyles and corporate activities in dramatic ways. In the business world, digital transformation (DX) drives the digitization of work environments and work-style reform. At the same time, diverse preferences are emerging in the use of services, including consumer behavior trending toward non-face-to-face services and borderless transactions.


We support our clients and their businesses through enterprise and other ICT services, but in the midst of these changes, we believe we must broaden our perspective and design services with end consumers, employees, and other individuals in mind. Our aim is to be a services company that delivers new value through the co-creation of ICT and real-world businesses.

Jun Kuroda

President and CEO