Basic Views

Infocom Corporation has established quality assurance rules to ensure, maintain, and improve quality in our products and services. We have appointed a chief quality officer who is supported by our Quality Management Promotion Office.
The Quality Management Promotion Office is responsible for the company’s quality management system. This department oversees the status of our business activities and responds to failures and customer complaints, taking corrective action or implementing preventive measures in response to evaluation results from the quality management system.

Quality Policy

  1. At Infocom, quality excellence is recognized as the highest value we can provide to customers, and we strive to improve customer satisfaction through the cultivation of this founding principle.
  2. We are committed to providing with high quality products and services at the right price and the right time to meet customer needs and contribute to social innovations.
  3. To achieve above-mentioned policies, we plan, implement, operate, maintain and continuously improve our Quality Management System.

Quality Management System