Outside Director
Kazuhiko Tsuda

Date of birth: August 9, 1962

March 1994 Completed Systems Engineering, Division of Engineering, the University of Tokushima Graduate School (PhD in Engineering)
April 1998 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Policy and Planning Sciences, University of Tsukuba
July 2004 Representative and Director of GSSM Tsukuba, Ltd. (to present)
March 2005 Professor, Master's Program in Systems Management, Graduate School of Business Science, University of Tsukuba (to present)
April 2006 Head, Doctoral Program in Systems Management Course, University of Tsukuba
June 2014 Outside Director of the Company (to present)

Reason for nomination

Mr. Kazuhiko Tsuda has experience engaging in management of a university venture business and as a specialist in natural language understanding and information retrieval in the field of management system science and has been providing appropriate advice from a fair and objective position as Outside Director.
Based on these achievements, we propose his reappointment as Director in the belief that he is a suitable person for realizing sustainable growth of corporate value of the Company.
By utilizing his expertise in the field of management systems and management experience, etc. at venture businesses, the Company expects him to play a role to supervise the Company’s management from an objective perspective independent of business executors.
(41st Annual General Meeting of Shareholders)