Outside Director
Kazuhiko Fujita

Date of birth: February 5, 1954

April 1976 Joined The Bank of Tokyo, Ltd.
August 1989 Joined S.G. Warburg & Co.
March 1993 Joined Yaohan International Holdings Limited
May 2005 Director of TANITA Corporation
October 2015 Personal consulting services regarding business management, establishment of corporate internal control, overseas strategy, etc. (to present)
February 2016 Advisor, Overseas Business Promotion Department of AUTOBACS SEVEN CO., LTD.
June 2016 Outside Director of the Company (to present)
June 2018 Representative Director of ESROH Co. Ltd. (to present)

Reasons for nomination as a candidate for Outside Director and expected roles

Mr. Kazuhiko Fujita has knowledge and experience in corporate management as Director in a health-related company, in addition to broad experience in overseas business. He has also been providing appropriate advice from a fair and objective position as Outside Director.
Based on these achievements, we nominated him as candidate for Outside Director in the belief that he is an essential person for realizing sustainable growth of corporate value of the Company.
By utilizing his abundant management experience in overseas business and a health-related company, the Company expects him to play a role to supervise the Company’s management from an objective perspective independent of business executors.
(42nd Annual General Meeting of Shareholders)