The Infocom Group formulated a management plan based on our corporate philosophy and the two basic policies of pursuing growth and strengthening our management foundation. Under this plan, we have worked to expand our business performance and strengthen governance.

During this period, there was a time when the spread of COVID-19 drastically changed our lifestyles. However, the e-comics business grew in response to user needs, and the health care and IT service businesses, which contribute to the medical field and corporations respectively, listened to customers' opinions and linked them to business performance. In this way, each of these worked to increase corporate value.

This experience enabled us to realize again how the value we provide through our business activities contributes to society in ways that enrich and comfort people's hearts.

People are the core value on which we base Group actions and contributions to solving social issues. Through providing our products and services, we are committed to creating a safe and prosperous society that sustains everyone's excitement and joy.

  Pursuing Sustainability Management  

Infocom reaffirmed the importance of human resources, an asset of the Infocom Group, when formulating our management plan and exploring materialities. We also clarified our direction in contributing to people and society through the development of excellent human resources as the core of our value provision. We support the growth of each individual and encourage them to be ambitious and take on challenges.


The Group is committed to appropriately respond to issues surrounding sustainability. Here, we address materialities to strengthen our management foundation, establish a sound management and business foundation, and invest in and develop human resources.

Developing human resources will open doors for co-creation not only within the Group but also with external parties. These human resources will also enable us to innovate with stakeholders and provide excellent products and services to the world, thereby solving materialities directly related to our business and contributing to the creation of a sustainable society.

We look forward to your continued support.

Director, CSRO 
Sustainability Committee, Committee Chair
Mototaka Kuboi