Basic Views

The Infocom Group aims to enhance corporate value through sustainable business activities, by fulfilling our social responsibilities, and by earning the trust and confidence of society (stakeholders).
One of our most important social responsibilities is to provide superior products and services in a sustainable and stable manner that satisfies our customers. To fulfill this responsibility, we must improve the quality of our supply chain. To this end, we established our Basic Procurement Policy to build sound relationships with suppliers.

Basic Procurement Policy

Infocom shall conduct business activities in compliance with the laws and social norms of the countries and regions in which we operate. We maintain sound and proper relationships with political and administrative authorities, and we conduct procurement respecting these relationships.

(2) Quality
Infocom recognizes that quality is the greatest value we can provide to our customers. We strive to enhance customer satisfaction by ensuring, maintaining, and improving quality. We procure from suppliers who understand and cooperate with this policy to ensure we provide high-quality products and services that make positive contributions to customer needs and social innovations at reasonable prices and delivery times.
Infocom procures from suppliers who are committed to environmental management, including environmental conservation and resource protection.
(4)Human Rights and Labor
Infocom respects the human rights of people involved in our business activities. We procure from suppliers who prohibit unfair discrimination, harassment, child labor, or forced labor in their businesses.

(5)Health and Safety
Infocom procures from suppliers who respect human life and who strive to maintain safety and health in all phases of their business activities.
(6)Rejection of Relationships with Antisocial Forces
Infocom rejects any and all relationships with antisocial forces, including organized crime groups. Infocom rejects unreasonable demands, and we never provide funds to such antisocial forces.
(7)Relationships With Stakeholders
Infocom engages actively in dialogue with stakeholders, and we pursue sustainable procurement through collaboration based on relationships of trust. We also pursue initiatives based on procurement guidelines in cooperation with suppliers.
(8)Information Security
Infocom procures from suppliers who manage personal information, information on contracted operations, trade secrets, and information obtained in the course of business in an appropriate manner than prevents leakage or loss of such information.