Norihiro Takehara


Date of Birth:September 24, 1957

October 2003 Deputy General Manager, Mobile and Internet Division of the Company
April 2007 General Manager, Digital Entertainment Business Division of the Company
June 2008 Executive Officer of the Company
June 2009 Director of the Company
April 2011 CHO and CSRO of the Company
April 2012 President and CEO of the Company
Teijin Group Corporate Officer (retired in March 2018);
General Manager, IT Business Group of Teijin Limited (retired in December 2017)
June 2023 Chairman of the Company (to present)

Reason for nomination

After working to commercialize and strengthen the competitivity of the e-comics business, which grew into the Company’s mainstay business, Mr. Norihiro Takehara has been leading the management and business execution of the Company Group and producing successful results such as by serving as chief officer and then as President and CEO.
Based on these achievements, we propose his reappointment as Director in the belief that his abundant knowledge and ability in management are essential to the Company’s management.
(41st Annual General Meeting of Shareholders)