Outside Director
Akihisa Fujita


Date of birth: November 17, 1965

April 1991 Joined DENTSU INC.
July 1996 Director of Cyber Communications, Inc.
June 2000 Representative Director and President of D2 Communications, Inc.
June 2010 Senior Managing Director of DENTSU Digital Holdings, Inc.
June 2014 Vice President and Representative Director of Gurunavi, Inc.
June 2017 Vice President and Director of PADO Corporation
June 2018 Representative Director and President of SETOUCHI BRAND CORPORATION
June 2022 Outside Director of the Company (to present)
June 2022 Outside Director of MIXI, Inc. (to present)
May 2023 Outside Director of Signpost Corporation (to present)

Reason for nomination

In addition to broad experience in information services and Internet-related businesses, Mr. Akihisa Fujita has knowledge and experience in corporate activities as a corporate manager of listed companies. He has been providing appropriate advice from a fair and objective position as Outside Director.
Based on these achievements, we propose his reappointment as Outside Director in the belief that he is a suitable person for realizing sustainable growth of corporate value of the Company.
(41st Annual General Meeting of Shareholders)