Basic View

Our people are our most important asset. We respect diversity among our employees, striving to create a company in which people can express their individuality and talents to grow and thrive as professionals.

Strengthen Human Capital, as Stated in the Medium-Term Management Plan

Human Resources Development

The Company has a talent development policy to ensure diversity. In accordance with the policy, it provides encouragement and support so that every employee maintains high expertise, and carries out and drives forward the following measures with the aim of becoming a company that functions as an assembly of diverse capabilities.

  • Growth support based on EDISON (the Company’s capability development program) to ensure the enhancement of employees’ capabilities
  • “Mission-group” specific (level-specific) training and basic skills training programs to ensure people gain the skills the Company seeks
  • Training courses to provide specialized skills that can be leveraged in business (data analysis, UX, and design thinking), capability development support courses to develop people who create businesses, and open workshops where people can learn specialized knowledge and themes independently (learning square, community of practice) to cultivate professionals
  • Global talent development and career design programs
  • Career development support courses for female employees and diversity management training for managers to promote the active participation of women

Supporting Growth


EDISON stands for Employee Development Is Success Of Next Growth. This is a new system we use for human resources skills development. 
Using EDISON, we define the skills required for each position and level within the company clearly, identifying career paths to enhance individual expertise, and follow a PDCA cycle for skills development. Learning Square and other programs are also included in the system.


Learning Squares

Learning Squares are casual and open study groups for professionals to gather voluntarily, forming cross-organizational groups and learning from each other to develop expertise. 
The aim of this program is to enrich connections among employees, to stimulate and inspire colleagues in respective areas of expertise, and to improve individual work capabilities by incorporating insights gained through these interactions.


  • Project Manager Seminar
  • Sales Expert Training School
  • Sales/SE Workshop
  • Accounting Study Session

Practical Communities

Practical Communities are study groups that offer employees interested in or dealing with certain topics to learn new knowledge and skills from each other. Communities range from cutting-edge technology to business expertise, and these groups of passionate volunteers span across the boundaries of organizational lines.


  • UX Community
  • Machine Learning Community
  • Automation Community

Startup Battle

We hold the Startup Battle as a means to develop as many employee ideas as possible into future businesses. This business creation support program incubates and markets new businesses based on ideas volunteered from a wide range of employees.

Infocom Awards

We hold an annual Infocom Awards program in which employees vote to recognize projects that have contributed our businesses. Projects are nominated across four award categories (Project Management, Challenge, Process Innovation, and CSR), and a winner is selected from each category based various criteria.

Pursuing Diversity

Active Participation of Women

Infocom established a policy to ensure diversity and develop human resources, as well as a policy on internal development. Through these policies, we work to increase the ratio of women in management positions and among new graduate employees.

Major Initiatives to Empower Women

  • Career development support courses for female employees
  • Diversity management training for managers
  • Task force formation and activities




(As of March 31, 2023)

Ratio of female managers

Approx. 15%

in FY03/31


Percentage of women among new graduate employees

Approx. 40-50%


*Infocom makes specific efforts and manages related data on indicators in the Infocom Group for policies on human resource development that ensures diversity and policies on the development of internal environments. However, indicators are difficult to state for the consolidated Group as not all companies in the Group participate in these efforts. For this reason, the targets and results related to the above indicators include those of the submitting companies that operate major businesses in the consolidated group and certain consolidated subsidiaries.

External Evaluations

In addition to benefits for childbirth and childcare, Infocom strives to introduce and improve systems for flexible work styles. The company endeavors to anticipate situations in which employees may have temporary difficulties in working regular hours due to nursing care for a spouse or parents. In recognition of these efforts, the Tokyo Labour Bureau of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare certified Infocom as a Kurumin company, which is a company involved actively in supporting childcare.

Encouraging the Participation of Senior Employees

Infocom introduced a contract rehiring system that allows employees who desire to be rehired after reaching the retirement age of 60 to work under the same conditions as regular employees in terms of salary, position appointment, and department transfers. We also offer contracts other than full-time that aim to encourage this more experienced generation to be ambitious and demonstrate their talents.

Job Promotions

We evaluate, treat, and promote mid-career hires to core personnel in the same manner as new graduates. We will aim to recruit foreign national human resources for local management and administration positions when our advancements overseas expand.

Improving Our Internal Environments

The Company has a policy to develop an internal environment to ensure diversity. In accordance with the policy, it carries out and drives forward the following measures to create an environment and culture and programs where diverse talent can choose work styles that suit their individual personalities and changes in life stages. 

  • Expansion of programs to create a corporate culture that enables diverse work styles
    • Programs to support work-life balance such as maternity, childcare, nursing care, and sick/injury leave, reduced work hours, and teleworking, Kurumin certification, and establishment of a relaxation room
    • Implementation of a re-employment system that provides compensation in accordance with performance for employees who have reached retirement age
  • Work style transformation
    • Transition to work styles that enable employees to work anytime and anywhere, reduction of long working hours, and promotion of teleworking
    • Assembly of and actions by a task force to deliberate on measures to promote the active participation of women

Work-Style Transformation

The Infocom Group has been engaged in work-style reform for many years, both in terms of office environment and systems. We support employees in working from any location and time for the sake of productivity and operational efficiency. As the culmination of these efforts, we relocated our headquarters to Tokyo Midtown East Tower in November 2021. The new office consolidates workspace on a single floor to encourage communication across departments, with areas for group work and open spaces for employees to interact with each other. The light, open environment supports a new way of working for employees.

We allow remote work from home and other locations. At the same time, we defined a 50-kilometer radius surrounding the office as a commuting zone, and a 150-kilometer radius a semi-commuting zone for travel by shinkansen bullet train. As a rule, employees must live within one of these zones. In this way, we offer flexible work styles and easy access to the office, encouraging ongoing face-to-face communication with peers.


  • Telecommuting allowance
  • Remote work, regardless of the reason or number of days
  • In addition to home and satellite offices, employees may also work remotely from their parents' homes or from vacation homes
  • Commuting zone (50-kilometer radius from the office) and semi-commuting zone (150-kilometer radius from the office), with travel expense provided for commuting by shinkansen bullet train (upper limit applicable)

Other Systems

We have established a variety of other systems to make our company a comfortable place to work for employees to enjoy their work and take on new challenges.


  • Maternity leave
  • Childcare leave
  • Nursing care support (nursing care leave, paid time off, shortened working hours, etc.)
  • Shortened work hours: Employees may choose to work shorter hours due to illness, injury, nursing care, or during pregnancy and childcare.
  • Rehiring of temporary employees
  • Paid time off: We have several paid time off days set aside during the year to encourage employees to take time off.
  • Refreshment leave: Employees may take time off on their birthdays or wedding anniversaries.

Benefits and Welfare

The Infocom Group is committed to improving working conditions, and we offer a full range of benefits and welfare programs to support the lives of employees and their families.

Infocom Group Club

The Infocom Group Club has been active since 2013, providing a place for employees to get to know each other beyond the boundaries of the company and organization. We encourage employees with common interests and tastes to meet regularly and engage in club activities, building relationships that transcend organizational boundaries and titles.

Relaxation Room
Infocom employs a full-time nurse who is available for consultation on physical and mental health problems. We also employ acupuncture and moxibustion massage therapists for employee use.

Other Benefits

  • Various social insurance (unemployment insurance, workers' accident compensation insurance, health insurance, and employee pension insurance)
  • Retirement allowance (defined contribution pension plan)
  • Employee stock ownership plan
  • Mutual aid association
  • Dormitory for single employees
  • Recreation and exercise facilities
  • Wealth formation savings system, etc.

Health Management

The Infocom Group believes that employee physical and mental health leads to the growth of our businesses. Therefore, we introduce a number of measures for employee health and wellness.

Stress Checks
We conduct stress checks once a year for all employees, including part-time and contract employees. Stress checks are a primary prevention of mental health problems, helping employees recognize and cope with their own stress and improving the workplace environment.
Individuals identified as high-stress employees are encouraged to meet with a doctor. If necessary, we take specific action in terms of employment for the individual in question.

Engagement Survey
We conduct an annual survey of employees to ascertain satisfaction with the current state of the company.
The survey identifies management and organizational issues, and leads to appropriate resolution measures.

Health Support Room
We created a Health Support Room to promote the health of our employees. The room provides follow-up services for periodic health checkups and physical examinations, a health consultation desk for employees to consult with an industrial physician, nurse, industrial counselor, and others to improve physical and mental health, as well as our work environments.

Correction of Long Working Hours
We developed the Mainichi Kintai work hour management system for our employees. The system links to building access control, eliminating the need for employees to input work-hour data manually and providing more accurate work-hour numbers. The system also notifies supervisors and employees when overtime hours exceed a certain level, which has led to a reduction in overtime hours.

Health Management Support Service: WELSA
WELSA is a service for the central management of employee health checkup results and stress checks that we offer our customers. The system also conducts analyses and predicts health risks and lifestyle-related diseases. We use WELSA internally as well, engaging in corporate health management to improve employee productivity and revitalize our organization.