Corporate Philosophy

Our Value to the World

The Infocom Group contributes to social innovations through technological advancements.


Our Aspiration

Bringing the world together in well-being through creative innovation.


What We Do

We seek change, sincere in our pursuit of true value.
We create novel value as a corporate group operating at the intersection of humanity and technology.


Who We Are

Create Smiles

Be considerate of others and value the process of teamwork.

Be Insightful

Seek to truly understand our customers, pursuing the essence of value and satisfaction.

Be Agile

Be an agent of change and learn from all results, positive or negative. Break from old frameworks and continue to take on new challenges.

Earn Trust

Act with strong ethical standards and accountability, keeping the trust our stakeholders place in us.

Seek Fulfillment

Envision personal ideals through work, drawing nearer to that ideal person with each step.