1. Basic Information Disclosure Policy

Infocom Corporation discloses information in conformity with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, the Companies Act, and other related statues. We also comply with timely disclosure rules of the securities exchanges on which our shares are traded. In this way, we reflect fundamental concepts of timeliness, fairness, accuracy, clarity, and consistency in our disclosures.
With the exception of advanced trade secrets, we provide timely, fair, accurate, clear, and consistent disclosures of information not subject to laws or timely disclosure rules, when we deem such information to be substantially important in investment decisions or useful in creating deeper understanding with our shareholders and investors.

2. Information Disclosure Methods

Infocom Corporation provides explanations of important factual information as provided under timely disclosure rules to the Tokyo Stock Exchange. We disclose the same information through the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) system operated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Infocom conducts disclosures of information required under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act through the Electronic Disclosure for Investors NETwork (EDINET), operated by the Financial Service Agency.
We disclose other information we believe is important in making investment decisions, even when not mandated under the rules above. We disclose this information through press releases, press conferences, briefing meetings, etc. according to our judgment of the importance and critical nature of the information involved.
To provide greater exposure for the information discussed above, we also publish said information to our corporate website as quickly after disclosure as possible.

3. Quiet Periods

To prevent premature disclosure of earnings information and ensure fairness, Infocom Corporation observes a quiet period beginning on the first day following fiscal quarter close and extending until the day on which we announce earnings for the period in question. During this period, we refrain from commenting or answering questions about earnings performance. We do, however, make appropriate disclosures of any events subject to timely disclosure rules that occur during quiet periods.

4. Earnings Forecasts

Earnings projections, plans, forecasts, etc. are based on information available at the time. Actual earnings may differ from these forward-looking statements due a range of factors, including various risks, uncertainties, and changes in economic conditions.

Established on April 1, 2018