Due to the business characteristics of the Group, we are less dependent on natural capital, so we believe that promoting business and having customers use the Group's products and services will contribute to the reduction of environmental burdens such as paper resources and energy costs.



The Company established an environmental policy in accordance with the environmental management system based on the ISO14001 standard, and we are promoting initiatives to reduce environmental impact with CSRO as the chief environmental officer. The details of the initiatives are reported to the Board of Directors as CSRO business execution reports.

Environmental Management
The Company built and operates an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 to work to conserve the environment and mitigate environmental impacts.

Environmental Policy

  • Improving the Environment through Business
  • Reducing Environmental Impact
  • Increasing Sustainability
  • Complying with Environmental Laws
  • Raising Environmental Awareness


Regarding the impact of climate change related risks and profit opportunities on our business activities and earnings, we recognize that the risks related to climate change that directly affect our business activities and financial planning are low. However, in accordance with the environmental policy mentioned above, we are working to reduce environmental impact and preserve the environment through our business activities.

Risk management

The General Affairs Office, which has jurisdiction over sustainability activities including climate change, gives instructions to identify risks and opportunities related to relevant internal departments and Group companies, identifies risks, and reports to the Sustainability Committee.
The Sustainability Committee evaluates the potential size and scope of climate related risks for the identified risks related to climate change, considers countermeasures according to the degree of importance, and conducts risk reduction activities.

Metrics and targets

The Company are continuously working to reduce the environmental impact in accordance with the environmental management system based on the ISO14001standard. In 2021, we relocated our headquarters under the concept of ABW (Activity Based Working). As a result, the improvement of the workplace has progressed, and the effect of reducing electric power consumption and CO2 emissions has appeared. The CO2 emissions calculated by multiplying by the emission factor are as follows. The goal of our efforts is to reduce usage and emissions compared to the previous year.


In addition, as part of our work style reforms, we are working to reduce paper use compared to the previous year by digitizing internal procedures and promoting electronic contracts so that back office operations can be completed without having to come to work. Changes in the amount of paper used are as follows






Electric power consumption(KWH)





CO2 emissions(Kg)





Paper used (Sheet)