Outside Full Time Auditor

Kazumasa Nakata

Date of Birth:July 6, 1961

April 1984 Joined Teijin Limited
April 2015 General Manager, Information System Department, Corporate Strategy Division of Teijin Limited
April 2019 Assistant to Information Strategy Officer of Teijin Limited
June 2019 Full Time Auditor of the Company (to present)

Reason for nomination

Mr. Kazumasa Nakata has utilized his considerable knowledge of finance and accounting not only in the management supervisory audit but also in business audit, based on his knowledge gained through frontline business operations, and is fully able to contribute to the sound management of the Company Group. He has devoted his efforts to enhance audits performed by Auditors and to improve corporate governance as Outside Full Time Auditor.
Based on the above, we propose his reappointment as Outside Auditor in the belief that he will appropriately perform duties as Outside Auditor.
(41st Annual General Meeting of Shareholders)