Outside Auditor

Kiyo Morikawa

Date of Birth:February 15, 1970

October 2001 Registered as an attorney-at-law Joined Okamura Law Office
October 2010 Representative of Morikawa Law Office (to present)
December 2014 Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member of TOYO Corporation (to present)
September 2015 Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member of TEMONA Inc.
June 2020 Auditor of the Company (to present)
December 2022 External Director (who is an Audit & Supervisory Committee Member) of TEMONA Inc. (to present)

Reason for nomination

In addition to her high expertise and extensive experience as an attorney, Ms. Kiyo Morikawa has experience as an Outside Auditor of other companies.
Based on these achievements, the Board of Directors proposes her nomination as candidate for Outside Auditor in the belief that she will be able to leverage her knowledge to further ensure an appropriate audit function.
(38th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders)