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Our Global Presence

Infocom has been rapidly expanding its global presence through partnerships and strategic office planting. At the moment, we have three overseas companies and our strategic partners give us access to Taiwan, Korea, Southeast Asia, United States and other countries.

In 2013, Infocom America, relocated from New York to Silicon Valley, to accelerate business development and to partner with innovative startups.

The following year, Infocom entered a strategic partnership and established its first corporate fund with Fenox Venture Capital. Fenox, a Silicon Valley-based firm, invests in Southeast Asia, Japan, and North America. Through this partnership, Infocom continues to gain access to pioneering technologies and business models that will help Infocom develop new businesses globally. Fenox’s global presence also opens the Southeast Asian market to Infocom.

In Asia we enjoy working with global IT companies and have been proud to localize and distribute their IT applications in Japan. And through our partnership with Rayark of Taiwan and UbiNuri of Korea, we support the overseas expansion of popular Japanese applications.

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