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Corporate Vision

Infocom understands the importance of establishing corporate governance, maintaining transparency, and adhering to solid CSR policies to strengthen its credibility and corporate values. Our corporate vision is based on corporate concepts, our management's vision, and a shared strategy to maximize our synergy as a group and achieve unity in management.

Corporate Vision

Infocom Group will lead the innovation of society through the unification of information and communication fields.

Group Management Vision

We aim to be a special corporate group that provides high-quality, revolutionary services and creates new, active scenes in ICT by constantly progressing and being a market leader.

Group Slogan

Our "United Innovation" slogan expresses our commitment to progress as an integrated group committed to a Group Enterprise Philosophy.

"United Innovation" Infocom Group

Group Management Policy

  1. Higher corporate value through the maintenance of profitable growth.
  2. Compliance-based management.
  3. Rapid response to changes in markets and technologies.
  4. A commitment to challenge and develop our employees.
  5. Earth-friendly, green computing

Group Employee Action Guideline

  1. Ethics First
    We will make it our upmost priority to base our actions on a high level of ethical standards.
  2. Customer Satisfaction
    We will always respond by considering the customer's standpoint.
  3. Bold Challenge
    We will always strive to create new value without fearing change.
  4. Pursuit of Quality
    We will constantly improve the quality of both our solutions and services.
  5. Self-Discipline
    We will seek to be professionals with superior intuitions and skills.

Group Guidelines

1. Respect for Human Life and Consideration for the Environment, Safety, and Health

Infocom Group will make its best efforts at every stage of business to respect human life, maintain safety and health, harmonize its activities with the global environment, and protect nature and life.

2. Compliance with Laws and Social Regulations

Infocom Group will comply with the laws and social regulations of every country and region where it does business. We will also maintain sound and normal relations with governments and administrative authorities and never associate with individuals or groups that disturb social order or hinder sound business activities.

3. Proper Management of Information

Infocom Group will properly manage information so as not to leak or lose personal information, commissioned business information, trade secrets, or any other information it comes to know through its business activities. We will record and report our activities accurately and clearly as required by laws, contracts, and rules and properly preserve all records, books, and reports we record.

4. Compliance with Fair and Appropriate Trade Conditions

Infocom Group will work with all of its business partners in good faith in its procurement and sales activities and comply with fair and appropriate trade conditions. Infocom Group will never permit bribery or take part in corruption of any form.

5. Respect for Intellectual Property

Infocom Group recognizes the importance trade secrets and other intellectual properties and will respect the rights of other companies while protecting all rights of its own.

6. Respect for the Personalities and Traits of Employees

Infocom Group will respect the individual personalities and traits of its people, accept diversity of race, gender, religion, etc. in the workplace, and secure a safe and comfortable working environment where its people work with freedom and ease.

7. Respect for Stakeholders

Infocom Group will engage in continual dialog with its stakeholders (shareholders, employees, customers, subcontractors, local residents, etc.) with full respect for their various standpoints. Infocom Group will also properly disclose all of its business-related information important to society, excluding any information protected under confidentiality obligations.

8. Protection of Human Rights

Respecting the rights of the people who carry out its businesses, Infocom Group will reject any unjustifiable discrimination or harassment and will never allow child labor or forced labor to occur. To encourage the protection of human rights on as wide a scale as possible, Infocom Group will make its best efforts to have its subcontractors and suppliers thoroughly understand and cooperate with this policy, as well.

9. Contribution to Society

Infocom Group will contribute to society through its business activities. We will also engage in appropriate social action programs for social betterment in order to coexist with society in mutual prosperity. We will mainly contribute to society by participating in and supporting activities for environmental preservation, disaster prevention, rescue operations, and activities in the fields of academia, education, culture, and sports.

10. Respect for Culture and Customs

Infocom Group will respect the culture and customs of all of the countries and regions where it does business.

Group Action Regulations

1. Environment, Disaster Prevention-safety, Health

Infocom Group will make its best efforts to protect the environment and maintain disaster prevention-safety and health at every stage of its activities through research, delivery, development, logistics-sales, operation, use, and disposal.

2. Maintenance of the Quality and Safety of Products and Services

We will strive to provide products and service that are trusted as safe for clients and environmentally friendly.

3. Compliance with Relevant Laws and Regulations

We will comply with relevant laws in the all of the regions and countries where we do business.

4. Defense Against Anti-social Forces

We will firmly stand against anti-social forces such as corporate racketeers who demand illegal payoffs or crime syndicates who intervene in civil affairs. We will never accept such forces or allow them to infest our organization.

5. Prohibition of Insider Trading

We will never take part in insider trading or any activity that may raise suspicions that we have done so.

6. Separation between Our Perspectives "as People" and "as Employees."

We will never take part in any activity to pursue personal profit by taking advantage of our occupational status or of information we acquire in the course of business. We will also draw a line between public and private affairs and will never take part in the misappropriation of corporate assets.

7. Proper Management of Information

We will make our best efforts to honestly collect, correctly record, appropriately use, and store information to maintain secrecy.

8. Fair and Transparent Business Transactions

We will perform fair and transparent business transactions.

9. Relationships with Business Partners and Related Parties

We will neither give nor receive gifts or entertainment that exceed common practice in society.

10. Respect of Intellectual Property

Recognizing that intellectual property is an important corporate asset, we will protect our own rights while taking strict care never to infringe the rights of other companies.

11. Respect for the Individual Personalities and Traits of Our Employees

We will respect the individual personalities, traits, and values of our employees and make our best efforts to ensure that all of our employees can strive with their fullest abilities to fulfill their potentials and achieve challenges they set for themselves.

12. Disclosure of Information to Stakeholders

We will properly and promptly disclose information related to our corporate management and business activities to our stakeholders. We will also respond in good faith to the opinions and information our stakeholders provide.

13. Respect for Human Rights and Prohibition of Discrimination and Harassment

Respecting the rights of people who engage in our business activities, we will reject any unjustifiable discrimination or harassment.

14. Contribution to Society

We will contribute to society through our business activities. We will also engage in appropriate social action programs as a good corporate citizen in order to coexist with society in mutual prosperity.

15. Respect for Customs and Culture

Respecting the cultures and customs of all the countries and regions where we do business, we will make our best efforts to coexist with regional societies in mutual prosperity.

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