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Company Profile

About Infocom

Infocom consists of ten companies--eight based in Japan and two based overseas. For over thirty years, Infocom has led the Information and Communication fields in Japan by continually improving its products and services.

Infocom has a wide range of specialties and provides products to consumers and enterprises. For consumers, we offer mobile first ecommerce experiences and digital content. For enterprises, we develop IT systems, provide system development, and create operation management services. We also offer IT consulting to mobile phone providers, hospitals, public offices, schools, research organizations, and other businesses.

Infocom Corporation

President and CEO Norihiro Takehara
Establishment February 1983

〒150-0001 2-34-17 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo
Please visit our "Offices" page to learn more about our offices.

Settlement period March 31st
Capital 1.59 billion yen
Number of employees 639 members (non-consolidated) 1,074 members (consolidated) as of March 2018 present
Consolidated sales 45.7 billion yen (FY2017)
Consolidated operating profit 5.8 billion yen (FY2017)
Group Companies
Stock Exchange Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ market
Date of listing March 19, 2002
Securities code 4348
Major shareholder Teijin Limited 55.1% (Shareholding ratio)
Outstanding shares 28,800,000
Product Offerings
  • System planning, oparation and management development, for mobile service providers, enterprises, medical institutions, public offices, and research organizations
  • Mobile first digital content and e-commerce services
Management President Norihiro Takehara
Managing Director Dr. Toshihiro Satomi
Director Toshihiro Ozaki
Director Taizo Makari
Director * Kazuhiko Tsuda
Director * Kazuhiko Fujita
Full Time Auditor Takashi Tamai
Full Time Auditor * Kazushi Ikeda
Auditor Noriaki Endo
Auditor * Hiroyuki Ogura
Managing Executive Officer Jun Kuroda
Executive Officer Tsutomu Morioka
Executive Officer Toshiaki Yamaguchi
Executive Officer Mototaka Kuboi
Executive Officer Masaki Yamashita

* Outside Director

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