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When was Infocom established?

When did Infocom go public?

Infocom went public on the Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ market on March 19, 2002.

Can you explain the structure of Infocom?

Infocom consists of fourteen different companies: Infocom Corporation, ten domestic companies, and three overseas companies.

Guided by a shared vision and philosophy, the Infocom Group works in unison to provide IT solutions and consultation services for its customers. These systems improve the workflows of mobile phone carriers, general enterprises, medical-related organizations, public offices, educational institutions and research organizations.

Where can I get more information about Infocom?


What exchange does Infocom trade on?

Infocom's shares are listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ market.

What is your security code?

Infocom's Security Code is 4348.

Is there a minimum trading unit?

The minimum trading unit is 100.

What is the current Infocom share price?

How many Infocom shares have been issued?

Infocom has issued 28,800,000 shares as of October 2013.

What is Infocom's dividend policy?

Who should I contact about IR matters?


When does Infocom's fiscal year end?

Infocom's fiscal term ends in March. Please see our IR calendar for scheduled announcements.

Can you tell me about Infocom's previous financial performance?

Why are Infocom's sales and profits concentrated in the fourth quarter?

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