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ITservice Segment
ITservice Division is composed of 3 business divisions as the below.
We are distributing software package products mainly for hospitals. To improve the quality of medical services through sophisticated usage of medical information, we are providing software products, solutions, and information services that effectively use a wide range of medical information such as medical images, pharmaceutical information, and patient treatment information.
Chem & Bio Informatics
We are developing, as IT support service, research systems for pharmaceutical companies, as well as distributing and supporting software packages that help drug discovery and life science related researches.

We are also searching biomarkers and targets for drug discovery using statistical analysis technology.
In addition to supporting Teijin Group, Sojitz Group, major communication providers and other large-scale customers with their key IT-functionality,we provide solutions with a high client satisfaction level through planning,development, and maintenance of systems best suited for utilizing Information Technology.
Service Business
We provide IT solutions and services including our self-developed software package products for a variety of fields such as: ECM (Enterprise Content Management) for comprehensively managing and utilizing the company's information asset such vouchers and documents; intellectual property management; management of operation and digital archive of libraries, museums, and public records; and drug discovery research.
We provide "GRANDIT", our full web-based ERP, which is enriched by a variety of functionality that streamlines work flow in an enterprise such as sales management, accounting, or personnel management, as well as supporting its internal control.
GRANDIT has been developed by bringing together the know-how accumulated in each of the participants of the GRANDIT consortium composed by a number of companies. Adapted to business practices in a wide range of industry in Japan, GRANDIT can be installed in a shorter period with a lower cost than other existing ERP packages.
Software Service business
In addition to nurturing software service business represented by SaaS, we provide including on-demand contact center ASP service "LACTEUS" and next-generation call recording solutions incorporating sound recognition and emotion analysis.
We also provide a total service, from consultation to integration and operation, covering the field of management/usage/recording of enterprise information content, which is becoming increasingly important, enforced by laws and regulations that accelerate transmission of information such as the Japanese Sarbanes-Oxley Act, or laws and regulations that strengthen information protection such as the Personal Information Protection Law.
Data Center
In our own data center, we provide a higher grade data center service that suitably meets the needs of a variety of system operations. In addition to our center's large space exceeding 1,000m2, we provide an IT full out-sourcing service based on our highly reliable system operation guaranteed by the international certification with regard to IT service management system. (ISO20000).
We help our customers protect their valuable information asset with a variety of products and solutions such as "Secure Boss", a network intrusion protection system.
Digital Archive
We distribute IT solutions and software package products related to managing and searching electronic documents of organizations such as public offices, universities, or libraries that possess a large amount of document resources. With our strength in the field of digital archiving such as e-government, e- autonomy, or e-library that are linked to the e-Japan concept of the Japanese Government, we provide a total knowledge management solution for organizations, either public or private.
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