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Business Structure
Our business is composed of two segments
A wide variety of solutions and services across our two business segments.
Infocom group will contribute to the innovation of society through the progress of ICT.
ITservice Segment
In addition to supporting our large-scale customers with their key IT-functionality,
we provide our self-developed software package products specialized for medical/pharmaceutical industry.
We also provide "GRANDIT",web-based ERP, and emargency/safety confirmation system.
In combination with a high-quality and highly-reliable datacenter service, providing BCP to protect customer information assets from disasters.
Netbusiness Segment
we are delivering digital content such as comics, music ,social application,information about women’s health, management a website that recommend a good media, and or operation of e-commerce sites that sell apparel or the like.
By taking advantage of our data center infrastructure, we will make the deployment of flexible services.
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