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Our Privacy Policy

Defined : December 6, 2000
Revised: April 1, 2012
Norihiro Takehara
President and Chief Executive Officer
Infocom Corporation

Based on our Privacy Policy defined as follows, we have constructed and are applying, maintaining and improving a framework for
protecting and managing personal information provided or entrusted by our customers.

  1. We will comply with our company regulations defining proper collection, usage and provision of personal information in view of field
    and size of our business.
  2. We will take proper measures with regard to preventing and correcting unauthorized access to, as well as losses, destruction,
    falsification and leakage of personal information.
  3. We will comply with laws and other codes related to personal information.
  4. We will continue to improve our framework of managing personal information.
  5. We will use personal information in accordance with a prescribed purpose, and never use personal information for anything other
    than the prescribed purpose without agreement of our customers.
  6. We will assign divisional administrators for respective departments which may handle personal information, as well as educate and
    enlighten our employees and board members for proper management of personal information.
  7. We will respond, without delay, to requests from the principal to disclose, correct, delete or stop using the principal's personal information,
    as well as complaints and inquiries.

For details of our privacy policy, contact
IT Planning & Strategy Office
Tel: 03-6866-3000

Privacy Mark
As a certified company granted to use the "Privacy Mark (P-mark)" by Japan Information Processing Development
Corporation (JIPDEC), we have been working since August 14, 2001. The P-mark is a certificate of compliance to the Japanese Industrial
Standard (JISQ 15001) relating to personal information and that a framework has been established for handling personal information properly.
The two-digit numeral in the parenthesis following the grant number indicates the number of updating times.
Scope of our privacy policy
We will take proper care of our customers' personal information in accordance with our privacy policy.
However, we are not liable for protecting our customers' personal information residing on any web site linked from our web pages.
Terms related to personal information that we handle
[Personal Information]
Information with regard to individuals, which can identify specific individuals by means of descriptions included in the information such as name, date of
birth or the like (including those which can be easily matched with other information, thereby allowing identification of specific individuals).

[Personal Data]
Data stored in a well-organized manner suitable for searching personal information therefrom

[Held personal data]
Personal data which we are authorized to hold or allow access to.
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