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Origin of the company name
We were founded in 1983, and started to use "Infocom" as a part of our company trade mark in 1987.
We wanted to provide a totally new, integrated service to our customers when information and communication were still considered as separate concepts.
Since its establishment in 1983, Infocom has been providing a variety of IT solutions, system operation services and contents to former Nissho-Iwai corporation (currently, Sojitz Corporation) and its subsidiaries, mobile-phone carriers, and other enterprises in general. With the purpose of expanding the company scale and business operations, seeking growth in new business fields, and strengthening the revenue base, Infocom merged (merger ratio 1:1) with Teijin Systems Technology (TST) Ltd. on April 1, 2001. TST was a 100% subsidiary of Teijin Ltd, having advantage in their software package products in the fields of health care solution, electronic vouchers, knowledge management and others. Then, in the same accounting year of the merger, Infocom went public on the JASDAQ market.
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