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Governance Structure

Management Organization and Function

Organization structure Corporate auditors


Number of directors in the Articles of Incorporation 9
Term of office of directors under the Articles of Incorporation 1 year
Chairman of the board of directors President
Number of directors 6
Status of the appointment of outside directors Appointed
Number of outside directors 2
Number of outside directors who are independent directors 2


Existence of audit committee Established
Number of auditors set forth in the Articles of Incorporation 5
Number of auditors 4
Status of the appointment of outside auditors Appointed
Number of outside auditors 2
Number of outside auditors who are independent auditors 1

Collaboration between the Auditors, Accounting Auditors, and the Internal Audit Division

Auditors can collaborate with the accounting auditors by holding opinion exchanges (if deemed necessary) and hosting regular reporting sessions for auditing projects and audit results.

Auditors can also collaborate in audit reviews (if deemed necessary) and auditing inspections and receive reports on auditing projects from the internal audit division.

Governance Structure

6 Directors(2 of Independent Outside Directors)
4 Auditors(1 of Outside Auditor, and 1 of Independent Outside Auditor)

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