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An introduction to Infocom's corporate governance.

Basic Concept of Corporate Governance

Infocom understands the importance of establishing corporate governance, maintaining transparency, and adhering to solid CSR policies to strengthen its credibility and corporate values. Our corporate vision is based on corporate concepts, our management's vision, and a shared strategy to maximize our synergy as a group and achieve unity in management.

Corporate Vision

Infocom Group will lead the innovation of society through the unification of information and communication fields.

Group Management Vision

We aim to be a special corporate group that provides high-quality, revolutionary services and creates new, active scenes in ICT by constantly progressing and being a market leader.

Group Management Policy

  1. Higher corporate value through the maintenance of profitable growth.
  2. Compliance-based management.
  3. Rapid response to changes in markets and technologies.
  4. A commitment to challenge and develop our employees.
  5. Earth-friendly, green computing

We lead innovation in society through ICT progress as a vibrant group of individuals committed to leading the markets and technology as providers of high-quality, epoch-making services.

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  1. Basic concepts, capital composition, corporate data, and other basic information
  2. Conditions of the management organization and corporate governance in relation to management decisions, administration, and supervision
  3. Measures implemented for stakeholders
  4. Items concerning the internal integration of our systems
  5. Other


Learn about Infocom's directors and auditors.

An introduction to Infocom's internal controls.

Meet Infocom's management team.

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