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Environment Policy
Corporate philosophy of Infocom is to contribute to the innovation of society through the progress of ICT.
Using an environment management system as well as protecting and improving global environment by green IT, all our employees are working with their superior technology and creativity to realize a society with a rich sense of humanity.
Defined : April 1, 2004
Revised : April 1, 2012
Kikuo Ohgaki
Chief Risk Management Officer
Infocom Corporation
  1. Promotion of environmental improvement through business operations
    We will improve our customers' work efficiency by providing IT solutions and IT services, as well as improving our own work efficiency by raising our employees' skill level.
  2. Reduction of environmental burden
    We will prevent global heating and maintain global environment through efficient use of resource and energy such as paper and electricity.
  3. Contribution to a recycling society
    We will promote resource saving and recycling
  4. Compliance with environment-related laws and regulations
    We will thoroughly comply with environment-related laws and regulations concerning our business activities.
  5. Raising of environmental awareness
    We will have all our employees thoroughly understand our environment policy, and will continuously perform compulsory environment-related activities.
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