In our management philosophy, we promise to engage in compliance-based management. At the same time, we are committed to ethics first, which is the first tenet of our Group Employee Action Guideline.
Under these policies, we established the Infocom Group Guidelines to define our basic approach to decision-making and actions in pursuit of our daily business activities. Our Group Action Regulations provide specific examples of how we put these standards into practice. These guidelines and regulations form the basis of the Infocom Group system of corporate ethics.
We have designated October as our Corporate Ethics Month, sponsoring CSRO lectures, conducting business unit training, and offering other programs to enhance awareness of ethics across our group. The activities of Corporate Ethics Month help ensure our engage in their work ethically.

We describe our human rights activity policies within our Group Guidelines and Group Action Regulations, striving to comply strictly with these statements. We provide regular case study and other training to employees to encourage a better understanding of harassment and to prevent harassment from occurring within our organization. Infocom Corporation has established both internal and external help lines (compliance and harassment help line) for reporting and consultation.