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Board Members

Directors and Auditors

As of 6/15/2017

CEO and President Norihiro Takehara
Chief Financial Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and Managing Director Dr. Toshihiro Satomi
Director Toshihiro Ozaki
Director Yoshiki Kaieda
External Director
(Independent Director)
Kazuhiko Tsuda
External Director
(Independent Director)
Kazuhiko Fujita
Full-time Auditor Takashi Tamai
Full-time Auditor * Kazushi Ikeda
Auditor Noriaki Endo
Auditor * Hiroyuki Ogura

* External Auditors denoted by asterisks.

Executive Officer

As of 6/15/2017

Managing Executive Officer, President of Amutus Jun Kuroda
Chief Human Resources Officer, Executive Officer Tsutomu Morioka
Executive Officer, General Manager of the Business Software Division Toshiaki Yamaguchi
Executive Officer, General Manager of the Health IT Business Division Mototaka Kuboi

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